About O'right

Ready for a green revolution?
Originated in Taiwan based out of TaoYuan, O'right is a green hair care brand focused on three simple commitments: high performance products that are healthy for people and healthy for the earth. In 2002, O'right entered the salon industry in response to consumers and hairstylists increasing desires for a truly natural hair care range that they can feel good about and safe using every day.
In over 30 countries across the world, we continue to challenge ourselves to take "green" to a whole other level and incorporate it into every aspect of the product and our supply chain. From green production, to the high-quality ingredients in all our products, our biodegradable and "re-growable" packaging, to our corporate lifestyle and social responsibility, O'right strives to create deep and profound values for our products by ensuring our passion for the earth is well-presented in creative incorporation of green ideas, without skimping on quality!
We are determined to do it right O'right.